Suppress gallery band

Your position is as legitimate as any, you’ll never see me against a button :sweat_smile: Besides, if they’ve scaled it wrong for some devices, they have to fix it. And I hope the gallery band doesn’t really overload your cortex, you’d be my idol if you were then able to model with such a small container.

I like the gallery band! But I’d rather see the latest topics from the gallery in there than featured ones as currently is the case, regardless of whether they’re from mcneel employees or not. Topics in the gallery, like the ones Daniel Piker or David Rutten for example, often show new features or ways of doing things worth discovering. Do these images get handpicked right now?


No Band - argh, get off my lawn…

Band - lawn party. sit down, have beer, throw some darts

Different strokes…

I think it would be best to have the “on-off” button right on the gallery strip (or next to the stuff at the top right when the gallery is not showing) so that users can easily, without leaving the forum page, turn it on or off whenever the whim strikes them.

And… while you’re in fixing things, how about increasing the vertical space between the topic and category:

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 11.14.22 AM

I (too) frequently find myself getting the category when trying to open the topic - especially when the category is nearly as long or longer than the topic title.

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Anything that supports both groups (those in favor, and against) is fine with me - as long as the same Theme can be kept, which is currently not the case.


Hi Dan,
Thanks for putting up more user images that’s more courteous to your user base than having McNeel’s stuff up there.

“I guess I’m confused what this is.”
Sorry just a bit disappointed about the slowness of development and implementing wishes that sit on McNeel’s back burner for years/decades not appropriate for me to post that but when I saw you fooling with the web page and some of my favorite tools keep breaking with updates it gets frustrating thus me saying why waste the effort when there is so much to do.


We contract the discourse development team to add features to this forum. They probably aren’t going to be the same developers adding features to Rhino.

Nice try, Steve, but under the resource-starved environment which has been a feature of McNeel’s image for as long as I can remember, a dollar spent hiring a discourse programmer is clearly one that is unavailable to hire a programmer who actually knows how to put together a block system or a filleting system that surprises and delights your users, both current and potential.

Contracting discourse devs to add a gallery feature versus hiring a full time dev and bringing them up to speed on a project like Rhino is a bit different. We don’t tend to hire someone full time for a month and then fire them.

Back together… and on a mission from God.


Somehow I don’t think that would be a concern since apparently McNeel has decided the two areas I mentioned would require so much time they don’t want to do them at all.

Well, I’m almost sorry to have started this topic now, having become a catch-all of the typical complaint that the feature in question is completely useless and we’re very upset that any resources have been allocated to it - because not enough time is being spent on this, that or the other different feature which is vitally important to the person responding.

All I wanted was a way to turn it off…


Note … Sam here … on behalf of Discourse … we have read all the specific feedback regarding the gallery band here and are working on incorporating it with McNeel’s direction. This feature is not done, it is looking very likely you will have an off switch.

Will will post an update here with specifics once done.


Come on Sam, leave this at is, and stop procrastinating. Get busy fixing Rhino’s fillet tool :crazy_face:


Hey @siemen Yes, at the moment, they are handpicked, but we’re working with Discourse to figure out a better way. One idea is to have them be the “top and recent” gallery topics.


Sorry Mitch, my fault. I should know better by now what is worth replying to and what ignites posts like above. Your forum feature request makes sense and should be the focus of this thread.


Nope, not your fault at all for trying to explain how things work…


You can now disable the Featured Topics widget from your preferences:

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 8.36.19 AM

To do so, uncheck the box and click the Save Changes button.


Works perfectly. Thanks.

Hi Dan,
The random effect
is good…even entertaining.

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