Supporting a plugin

Hi guys,

I am trying to add support for my plugin:



After installing and getting an overview of your plugin, it seems difficult to make it work on ShapeDiver at the moment. Mainly because of the file I/O functionalities. The plugin reads and writes local files, which is of course not possible on ShapeDiver. Interactions with local files must be adapted to work on a remote server.

The work we did to adapt the Squid plugin is a good blueprint for this process. It is essentially two-fold:

  1. On your end, it would require a significant update to your plugin. Instead of reading grib files from a local path, a new GRIB primitive should be added to the Grasshopper types. From there, all components from the ExtractData category of ghoppergis, as well as the SaveGIS component, should take this new primitive as input or output instead of local paths.
  2. On our end, and provided that step 1 was achieved, we would only have to add support to this new primitive type within our import and export components.

Needless to say you will need time and a budget in order to do this. Contact us if you are interested in going further down this road.

Hi Mathieu,

So if I understood correctly, the input for the components (when a filepath is needed) should be a primitive instead? It shouldn’t be too hard to expose the internal primitive types the plugin is using.