Support on creating input libary


For my script, I need to create a large library of steel sections. The library should also call a sub-library so when you chose the main name of the steel section (ex. HEA) all the sub-sections under that name should appear (ex.HEA100, HEA120 e.t.c.).

Any suggestion on how this should be done in Grasshopper so it works fine in ShapeDiver viewer?
What I had in mind would be that all sub-libraries are hidden and when you choose your section name the relevant sub-library appears (as a new value list in the viewer). But I would like to know if there are some better ways of implementation.

Thank you

If you are using the beta version of the new ShapeDiver platform, you can create groups of parameters using Grasshopper groups. The new platform will display dropdown menus for each group and you could use value lists to display all options of each sublibrary.

If you need a deeper hierarchy level, it will not be possible without using the API and implementing your own web application.

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