Supplied index too high

I have faced an error " Supplied index too high" in the list of item algorithm. I defined a piped layered cylindrical structure. Please see the attached algorithm and advise how to solve it.

please, next time kindly consider attaching your GH definition to your post, in such a way people who might want to help don’t have to lose extra time trying to rebuild the same thing in your picture :slight_smile:

in this particular case, you are creating a Pipe (1) then you are extruding (2) it vertically (which would result in no changes to the original Pipe surface afaik) then you are Contouring (3) the pipe getting 4 different slicing curves, and finally through (4) the List Item (on which I assume you have set the W wrap to False) you’re asking to retrieve the first 10 (0 to 9) contour curves

List Item becomes orange to make you notice that he can give you the first 4 curves, but then has nothing to output because there are no contour curves at index 4-to-9

Thank you for your help. I could not find the problem regarding the extrusion part. It should extrude circular pipe along z vector but it just make one circular pipe. Could you please advise regarding this issue?


I think I don’t clearly understand what you are tryiong to get by extruding a pipe, could you please give it a fast sketch in Rhino?

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