SuperSelect Plugin, can't find it anymore



I used to have a plugin called “SuperSelect” I can’t seem to find it anymore.

Anyone have a copy of it floating around?

Thanks in advance.



this was a plugin for Rhino 3 or 4 by Brian Perry and it might not run in Rhino5. Which command of it are you missing ?



pretty much every one :wink:

it worked in 5, I haven’t used Rhino in a few years and am getting my toolbars and scripts set back up. It’s probably buried in my unorganized backups.



I see this:

According to that page it has 3 functions. #1 is fairly difficult to do actually, #2 is very easy, if a script doesn’t already exist to do that, it can be easily written, and #3 is now native in Rhino.



you just flicked the switch on my memory, that isn’t what I was looking for. lol

i think it was a collection of scripts, which i probably have, don’t know why i thought it was that plugin.

sorry for the goose chase.

edit: it was a bunch of Pascal’s selection scripts.

(Anika Boeller) #6

i would like to have that Superselect script too… do you have it by now>