Superimposed GH Viewport directly in Rhino



Often bothered by having to float around an extra bulky window for working in Grasshopper and Rhino, causing the entire workflow to feel like looking through a burqa (no religious bashing intended) rather than viewing into my project with eyes wide open, I would very much appreciate it if we’d have the Grasshopper viewport directly in Rhino as a superimposed layer, I believe the advantages should be clear.

Some of you may have seen this already, @DavidRutten any thoughts, can you make us happy, at least in the next major release of Grasshopper 2?


(David Rutten) #2

It may be possible to run a GH canvas inside a Rhino viewport without too much extra work, but it’s not going to be running on top of a Rhino viewport with 3D content.

For one how would you distinguish between selection events? If you draw a selection frame, did you mean to select GH components or Rhino objects? What about mouse navigation? Canvas pan or viewport pan?

I personally really hate the visual clutter this superposition yields, but I’ll admit that is just, like, my opinion dude.


Imho rudy dudy

one click on the viewport locks the components
one click on a component locks the viewport

supermaximizing viewport ->

• less swiveling/zooming GH components
• more productive, better overview

  • make it a hide-able layer and all are happy.