Superfluous panel refreshes

I’m making heavy use of vaElement with Grasshopper. The custom elements mostly have multiple input parameters, which of course can be changed in the Properties Panel (PP), which is the whole idea.
However, if I change one of these params, there are then 2 refreshes happening in the PP, with a considerable lag, and also the focus is lost. One refresh I believe is unnecessary.
Since focus is lost, it’s not possible to skip with TAB to the next parameter, and the keyshort for ‘undo’ is working anymore (has to be done from the Edit menu). The refresh lag is long enough to hinder the workflow.
Thanks for looking into this!
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Hi @Eugen,

Can you share a gif where I can see the two refreshes? Are you using complex Grasshopper definitions? Because I cannot reproduce this error. When I change a parameter value from the Properties Panel it updates almost immediately.
About the lost of focus you are right, but this not new, maybe the developers can take a look at that.

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Message sent. Thanks!