Super Ellipse


I have drawn a Super Ellipse with all the right calculations for 100 points. Now when I mill my ellipse the mill stops at every point to move to the next point.
Is there some way i can remove all the controlpoints and just keep my line so I wont get this chunky surface on my project?

Did you create your curve as a polyline, or as an interpolated curve? A polyline has kinks at each point, that might be what you are seeing. Otherwise, it’s likely a problem with your export or mill tool path settings. How are you exporting and to what CAM software?

– Mitch

I created the curve with the “Curve through points” function and i’m using the export scheme “2004 natural”
I’m using WoodWOP on my mill. It does work perfectly on the mill as it is but it stops at every point you see on my ellipse. what I want is that line without any controlpoints if it is possible.

Well, the thing is, those control points are what actually determine the curve shape. While you could certainly have fewer points at the expense of perhaps less accuracy of the curve, you will never have none, and you probably need at least a dozen to maintain some semblance of the original shape.

The problem is likely with WoodWOP and its handling of splines. With a client of ours who runs the same software and called us with a similar problem, we were never able to find a satisfactory solution. WoodWOP apparently creates some sort of special point (it had a specific name, but I don’t remember what it’s called now) at EVERY control point on a spline.

You could try converting your spline into a series of more or less tangent arcs using the Convert command with output=arcs and a small angle tolerance, but IIRC, WoodWOP didn’t really care for that either…


Okay, Thank you for your help.!
I think i’ll keep it like it is then. no point in wasting more time correcting the shape :smile:

Marry Christmas

(it had a specific name, but I don’t remember what it’s called now)

Possibly Greville point? (that is the same as Edit point in Rhino).

No, now I remember, they actually called them “macros” but I don’t know what that means in Woodwop terminology. --Mitch

Ye, I’m working with a bunch of macros but non of them really solves my current issue.
Though, I have tried using Arcs instead and setting up the lines as close to my original super ellipse form as possible and now i only got 20 points. I hope this will give me a smoother translation from point to point.

– Jacob