Super Desktop Computer to run Rhino MatrixGold & MasterCam

I’m about to purchase a super desktop computer for myself (jeweler) and my husband (machinist/ programmer) that can run all: Rhino, Matrix Gold, and Mastercam. On Mastercam’s site recommends NVIDIA Quadro versus Rhino Matrix Gold recommends NVIDIA GeForce. From my research GeForce cards aren’t great for CAD but Quadro is performs at much higher level. I would like to know which video card you would recommend to easily run all three programs -I’m guessing Quadro. Or if anyone can recommend the ultimate specs for our future computer, we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you & happy Friday!

Meanwhile, here are the spec requirements for Matrix Gold:
-Intel I7 Quad Core, 2GHz (7th Generation) Or Higher
-RAM: 12Gb - 16Gb Or More
-NVIDIA GeForce 1000 Series (GTX 1060, 1070, 1080) Or Higher
-512Gb SSD With 1Tb HDD
-Windows 10 64-bit Professional
spec list

The spec requirements for MasterCam:
-Intel i7 or Xeon® E3, 3.2GHz or faster
-Memory: 32 GB
-NVIDIA Quadro®
-Solid State Drive (SSD) with at least 20GB free
-Windows 10 64-bit Professional
spec list