Super Delaunay

Good morning community!
I am playing with different ways of achieving a deformed voronoi system in which I can control the size of cells depending on their proximity to points and lines.
The plugin I am using is by @Dani_Abalde
In the file below I have only been able to modify the voronoi through specific points and through specific weight values given through gene pool.

But what I am really trying to achieve is a voronoi mesh with the following assumptions:
1º_Distortion of the voronoi polygons by points.
2º_Distortion by lines
3º_Degraded from larger polygons to smaller ones.
4º_The perimeter, formed by voronoi polygons of standard size, has to be fixed.
5º_To get a Dual Mesh but without thickness.
6º_Nurbs curves tangent to the midpoints of each segment of the voronoi polygons.
20220525_SuperDelaunay_v#00.3dm (194.9 KB) (26.9 KB)
The end result should resemble the scheme on which Toyo Ito’s Ghent project is based, which has a scheme like this one:

Thank you very much for all your help

Map distance from points to delaunay points to weights.

Similar to 1.

Provide the weights to achieve that effect.

Use the Voronoi mode and use a rectangle as bounds.

It can be done by code using SuperDelaunay library.

Use the Tangent Curve component instead of Nurbs Curve.