Sunpath tracking surfaces

I creating a building facade with solar panels that track the sun movement based on vectors. I have script which has circular panels but i’m trying to change them to rectangular panels.
The angle of the surface changes based on the angle of the vector between the centre of the circle and the sun. (395.2 KB)

Use plane normal (400.7 KB)

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Hi Zac -
For questions that are specific to the Ladybug Tools, please visit

That said, your question is really more general but since you included components from the plug-in (and also didn’t specify the epw file), the help you can get here is limited.

I suggest that, in a copy of your working file, you internalize the output of the sunPositions output of the Ladybug_SunPath component and delete all components that are non-standard. That way, more people can help.

Also, note that people might object to your use of the Bifocals component. The Sunglasses plug-in is perceived as being less intrusive.

In the attached, I’ve removed dependencies and provided a slightly different solution (white group) to what Seghier offered. (16.6 KB)

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Thank you for your help, is there any way to do the rectangular array on the xz plane?

Edit Just figured it out using rotate axis after the rectangular array.