Sun toolbar/panel lost


I can’t find a way to activate the sun toolbar in rhino 6. I used to have it but now it’s lost. I tried to reset the toolbar to default, nothing happened. Also, tried to load the toolbar files again and replace it with the bak file. I unistalled rhino 6 and the back file that I found. Nothing happened. I unistalled rhino 6 and vray. I also restarted my pc every time. I can’t find any other way and sun is a very important element.

Thank you

Hello - the Panels menu should show you the Sun panel as an entry:


Thank you for your answer, but sadly when I click on it or when I type the command sun, it doesn’t do anything.

Hello - what is the current renderer?


V-ray for Rhino, but it was always like that and it worked in the past.

Make sure in Tools > Options > Plug-Ins that the Render Development Kit related plug-ins are loaded (RDK, RDK Eto UI)


Thank you very much, the Renderer Development Kit UI wasn’t enabled.
Thank you :pray:t3: