Sun study/Sun path animation with more controls? What works? Bongo?

I see that now Vray finally lets you animate the sun moving during the the day across the sky. Unforunately it seems to create this temporary directional light that you can’t change the paramaters of. So if I want to go from a path animation (where i set the lighting how I want it using a VRAY sun) I can’t match the qualities of that sun in the directional light for the sun study.

What about Bongo, will be let me animate a sun with all of the usual light controls (and render out with VRAY)?

Sun shadow studies seem like they are common things for the demographic that uses Rhino, and Vray is a favorite renderer, I’m surprised it isn’t better integrated at this point to give good controls and ease of use for this.

Any recommendations sticking to Rhino as the main program and VRAY as the renderer

looking to do this essentially