Sun light flickering interior animation

Any body know how to get the sunlight to animate smoothly between frames. The attached animation is an interior animation, custom lighting, sun and sky on, animated at 25 fps. I tried it at 35 fps but did not seem to help.

Which renderer is used?

Hey it will help if you also post an image of some of your settings as well. Your GI settings and sun settings will help. It looks like a good start!

flamingo nxt 5.0

Sorry, Flamingo is not my cup of tea. :pensive:
You could have a try at the Flamingo forum

I use V-Ray. But, as a general rule, the quality needs adjusting when you are animating. All of the ‘approximation & optimization tricks’ become painfully obvious when one frame does not match the prior frame.

Typically, you have to go with maximum quality and/or turn off any of the features that speed things up for stills. V-Ray has some recommended settings JUST for animation, so look for the equivalent with Flamingo.

Also, be prepared for fantastically long render times. I have additional computers running on a ‘render farm’ for just this reason. Its a nice bonus with V-Ray; you get up to 10 computers for no extra charge.

Thanks for your input Dave,
I will have to dig deeper and find those settings.
In an effort to keep moving forward and keep it simple I have turned the exterior lighting off and illuminated the window materials so they are not black. This is producing much smoother results albeit less interesting but I am gaining! I will have to get this solved at some point because the customer want views looking out the pilot house windows!
I have not gotten a straight answer to one question yet perhaps you can help. Is it possible to use the render farm for a bongo animation? And if so will I have to open each frame and convert the file type from nxt to jpeg? I am just now getting to the point where I have more than one machine and my first attempts to just use the farm for a rendering have been unsuccessful with errors like “farm not found”.
I have EXPERIENCED those fantastically long render times! Is there a way to send this to cloud computing resources?

Yes. Bongo uses whichever renderer you select. When I use Bongo & V-Ray, the V-Ray DR (Distributed Rendering) Spawner works great.

No! I render to a sequence of stills, typically PNGs. I import the entire sequence into After Effects and its treated exactly like a video clip. See my video tutorial Turntable Animation with Bongo (Part 3)

The next version of V-Ray is supposed to have this cloud rendering capability.