Sums in BoxEdit


Does anyone know if any way to do simple sums in the BoxEdit input box.
For instance, if I want to add an extra 37mm to the X-size is there anyway to do right in the box?


Type “+37” after the current dimension in the input field.

Yeah, that doesn’t work tried that already. Cheers anyway

Hi @dylanbahnan
Works here on R6, SR20. Are you not seeing any effect?
Edit: Be sure to leave the existing dimension intact and just add +37 after or 37+ before.

Ah, @Normand I’m using R5. Maybe its a new thing for R6.

Hi @dylanbahnan
Yeah, sorry. Just tested it in R5 - it seems like it’s an added feature in R6.

No worries, looks like it was somthing that came with this:
Thanks for checking!