Suggestions on how to reproduce this airplane?

Hi everyone,

I’m a jeweller and am fairly new at Rhino but learning the ropes.

A project I’m working on is trying to recreate the silver airplane in the photo. The silver plane in the photo is a piece of gummy candy that I lost-wax style cast, however, it’s pretty heavy.

I’d like to recreate the plane in Rhino (in order to scale smaller to 3D print), but unsure what way to go about it. I’ve tried to tried to build it up using shapes like rectange for the body and triangles for the wings and then extrude it but didn’t look right.

Since most of you are more experienced designers, I thought I’d ask for your opinion on which direction to take.

Thanks in advance!

Seems pretty blobby, would just do it in subD’s from the Rhino7 WIP.

Thanks, Michael. I’ll give that a try.