Suggestions for the dot command

Hi everyone, this is the first time I posted here and I’m not sure if I am posting this to the correct place so feel free to point me in the right direction.
Here are two things I noticed about the Dot command in RhinoWIP, they aren’t earth movers or anything but I figured I’d point it out anyway for what it is worth.

  1. In V5 when you start the Dot command it started up and had the previously entered text highlighted. You could just start entering text and it would clear out the previous text or you could go ahead and continue the command and reuse the text if you wanted. In RhinoWIP the text isn’t selected when the command is started and so it takes a few extra moves with the mouse to highlight and change the text.
  2. The text appears to be off center on the background color when printing. It is not too bad on shots like the top view, but it is a little more noticeable in the perspective shots. It’s readable, but doesn’t look quite as pretty :blush: I didn’t notice this sideways alignment in V5.

Hi Jesse - thanks- this is exactly the right place to gripe and I believe both of these are on the bug heap, but I’ll make sure.