Suggestions for Making Rhino a Better Program


How much? We could use one here…

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For a bridge lover like yourself, cheap, my friend,



Wow, you sure picked your “hill” and are spending some time defending it.

A basic understanding of what Rhino actually IS and does would lead you to know about the Extrude Surface command and how it’s quite a bit better than “Push Pull” in Sketchup. And unlike Push Pull, it leaves the newly created faces separate until you TELL it to Merge Two or All Faces, so you can do subsequent push/pull operations on a portion of the face before merging the faces of the polysurface. Trust me, in comparison, Push Pull is a child’s toy.

That’s not even including commands I use in the same workflow such as point editing, projection, rebuilding, the gumball, blending curves and surfaces, and the list goes on.

If you didn’t @#$% know about wirecut, It seems you’re assuming because YOU don’t know that Rhino does something, you’re assuming it doesn’t do it. A basic understanding of what Rhino actually IS and does would lead to you not spending what looks like hours trolling everyone because it doesn’t do stuff that a bunch of other (many more expensive) softwares do. Adobe’s a much bigger company than McNeel. It would be easier for THEM to implement Rhino features than vice versa. Look at Autodesk - they have been RUNNING to try to steal Rhino’s thunder and still haven’t pried away that market share.

But McNeel has a more passionate and knowledgeable COMMUNITY than either. Rhino’s not a BIM program, nor is it a program for raster image processing, vector graphics, motion graphics, or layout. But you know what? I’ve known people who have done all of the above with it in really incredible ways. Its value is in its flexibility. Because of this open-endedness, I can do things with Grasshopper (without any custom scripting) that literally no other program can do. And much quicker with more control, too.

So if you so clearly know what is best for McNeel, maybe you should apply for a job with them and help them do what you demand, rather than spouting off on the message boards they so generously host without censorship. Your call.


I’m sorry Rcyewchuk, but I don’t want to spend more money to get vanilla Rhino as a architectural software.
I use Rhino together with Surfcam on daily basis for designing production tools or gauges, editing 3D models exported from Solidworks, Inventor or Catia, etc.



Why not find a developer with the time and experience to write a plugin for you? Fund the project using your money and then market the plugin to those you feel would benefit from it. You assume the risk in the venture but stand to reap the entire reward. If you understand the AEC market you should capitalize on the opportunity. Make sense?

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Pascal, if McNeel & asscociates included the aforementioned BIM capabilities I could build
a bridge like the one you have for sale!!! Furthermore, the increased volume of sales would more than offset the added cost of developing an Architectural tab!!! Everybody would use Rhino3d because it’s less expensive and has a perpetual standalone license. High volume = BIG PROFITS !!!

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How on earth did they manage it in 1883, I wonder?


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Pencil and paper

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I believe this was designed in Rhino WIP V negative 42, and see what happened!

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Shoulda used BIM.



Bend Infinity Metal? I think that wasn’t invented until ‘47.


I think that in all this claims and requests exists an important lack of awareness and understanding about what a RH is (1) and what a BIM package development will require (2).

1 Rhino existed way before we, architects, decided to start using it…yep, it sounds odd, but lot of people from different disciplines embraced RH way before brick-position-designers jumped into it. I suppose that they found interesting a software that provided a solid NURBS modelling platform plus a huge capability to be personalised using its nicely documented and open API. So keep in mind that, Rhino sells a lot because it offers a solid base point as modelling tool that facilitates custom/specialised tool development at a fraction of the price of off-the-shelve solutions.

So Rhino does very generic things well at a good price point letting you tinker and expand it easily. If you are ok with that, RH is perfect for you. if you are not…well…find something that works for you but don’t try to change a product concept with a clear client profile and a long history behind.

2 Do you really know how many people and resources ADSK puts on Revit development (even thought the outcome is very crappy in terms of software standards)?..lets keep it in “a lot”. ADSK has 7K employees (last year report)…how many of those would you say that are involved somehow in the development of Revit? @bobmcneel dropped the number for Mcneel in the forum and is way smaller than 7K.

I’m surprised reading this:

“Writing Python scripts is the job of the computer programmers at McNeel”

from a person that claims to have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. I think that anyone can understand that the development of RH and that hypothetical BIM toolbar will take “a little bit more” than just writing a bunch of Python scripts.

This enquire compares to a situation in which someone pops in a Porsche retailer and ask for a farm-tractor saying: “With all the engineers that your company have how is that they are not designing a good farm-tractor?..they could do it better than others. I would love to drive a Porsche farm-tractor…”. The response will probably be…“well, that’s perfect, but our company doesn’t design and doesn’t currently sell farming equipment so…go to John Deere and others who does.”

Good post to start the week with some good humour though…xD


Actually, you could…

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Should be a dream to drive - it does not suffer from that rear-engine oversteer .


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And if you think the tractor is still too feeble you always could go for a nice tank

or two


But the tractors are still used here…


Finally we are getting somewhere with this topic.


I would regret the rest of this post life not to have added “anymore” in the example sentence…xD But I agree, the topic is over-steering into something more interesting xD


I´m sorry. But until Rcyewchuk finds out why so many architects are moving to rhino although there´s no Arch Tab we could go for some real Porsche Racing…