Suggestions for buying a new computer for rendering

I’m planning on getting a new desktop computer (Windows PC), as my laptop is aging and just heats up way too much when rendering in raytraced mode. Making short videos is hopeless on it.

I know I need tons of RAM, I’m thinking at least 32GB of it. But what other features should it have? Do I need a specific NVidia type graphics card or something like that? I’d like to render more quickly and not freeze up when doing a design with many hundreds of surfaces (like a filigree ring with tiny milgrain beads on all the edges for example).

The computer I use at my dayjob has 16GB and some sort of NVidia GeForce thing but I can’t find which one when I try in the search box. I attached the Intel processor info I could find.

Thanks for any suggestions!

I moved this to the Windows Hardware category so it will get in front of the right people that can help.

Thank you very much!

Look in Windows Device Manager:


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I had a custom computer built some time ago by a company named Puget Systems. Give them a call and tell them what you are wanting and how you plan to use it. They are a super company and extremely helpful even if you don’t buy their product. Danny

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Well you need the best nvidia card you can get…of course right now that’s not going to be a very good one unless you spend scalper prices.

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Guess if I can mine Bitcoins or Etherium at night then it will pay off :smiley:

I recently caught ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR 15 on a great promo. It’s a little monster.
(core i9, 32GB ram, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070, 2TB disk, etc)