Suggestion to parse Graphml XML?

Hi All,

I need to parse the knowledge I’m embedding in some graphs that I’m making with Yed.
The data seems quite well structured, but I can’t seem to be able to decompose it.
I’ve tried using the #lunchbox XML parser to no avail, and besides I’m not able to install #ghowl in Rhino 6, which I recall hat a quite good XML parser.
Any suggestions?

Here a snippet of the graphml so you can see the extent of it (saved it as txt).
All the position, color, and graphical info are useless, I mainly want the “label” data that I typed myself and plan to “split” through the : and the connections between nodes.snippet.txt (5.4 KB)

SimpleXML in PHP is excellent for manipulating XML, both reading and writing.

And I can recommend XAMPP as a very easy way to get full blown PHP running on your PC as an Apache server:

You could perhaps implement ElementTree in GHPython. Here’s a quick implementation test: (2.0 KB)

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Thanks @Joseph_Oster and @AndersDeleuran!
Your suggestions are “proper solutions” but I´m preparing teaching material for an experiment and one of the conditions is to produce and manage all the information without requiring coding knowledge (max. allowed is to use prefab grasshopper plugins).
Do you know if there is any working XML parser-plugin/trick/technique that I haven´t found?

You could prefab a GHPython component for them :wink:

I wish I was capable… learning to code is at the top of my todo list for after finishing my PhD dissertation… till then, just prefab tools.
BTW, I managed to make #GHowl work and its a wonder, now I just have to sort the data trees to work properly. Kudos to our dear @fraguada!

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I hear you, learning to code is kinda what has prevented me from finishing mine :grimacing:

I´m luckily avoing the pitfall :laughing:
Finish line October 2020!