Suggestion: Match Draw Order

Could be in the match properties dialogue or its own command.

Dealing with 1000’s of objects (hatches/crvs) and adding new items to the drawing, one has to often clear the draw order, and reset the the objects to set the new items on the same draw order.

Would be super easy If we could simply ‘match draw order’ putting the new object in the same draw order position as the other objects of that type.



Where do I submit suggestions for deveolpers?

Hi Arkadius - I actually do not know if that is possible, because then there would be no hierarchy within that level… Each object with draw order has a number, as far as I know unique, to place it in the correct order. Now, it might be possible to juggle draw order numbers to make sure some set of objects have numbers that are adjacent to a selected object - my guess is that would just require some careful book keeping but my guess of the moment is that it is a possibility.
At any rate, I can add the request, however it is implemented…


Hi @arcade.smith and @pascal, i’ve tried something simple, not sure if this useful: (1023 Bytes)
MatchDrawOrder.3dm (48.6 KB)

To test, open the Rhino file and run the Script, then select all green circles, press Enter and select the red circle. As Pascal says, it could be problematic when there are multiple different orders within the first selection…


Hi Clement - thanks, I was just monkeying as well - @arcade.smith it looks like it is perfectly ok for objects to have the same number as display order number, so this may be pretty easy as a feature.
RH-75435 MatchProperties: match draw order

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