Suggestion for Picture command behavior change

a little off topic but not too far away, i am just curious what you generally think @andheum, if there should be a checkbox for rember choices for somebody not wanting to click an extra picture for it every time? on windows you also dont have to do it.

I don’t personally mind the “what should I do with this” box but I’d agree 95% of the time I just want a picture frame… a “always use this answer” checkbox wouldn’t hurt

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agree with @encephalon & @andheum that setting a default behavior for the picture drag/drop dialog would be nice – although having to double-tap enter isn’t so bad in this case

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thanks @andheum and @Carsten_Rodin for the feedback yes i would love a checkbox either because very mostly i would only drag and drop an image for a picture frame into the viewport. Textures also work without popup when dropped onto an object. Dropping an image into the empty space should mean either Picture frame, Wallpaper or Environment, but the last 2 are rather rarely used i at least never use them.

Maybe there is a way activating the pop up with alt while dropping? Might make more sense for the general use. @dan would that be worth considering? at least for the final release of Rhino 6 for Mac.

hi @dan are there any thoughts regarding that at all?

An “Always use this answer” checkbox sounds like a good idea to me.

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RH-53719 Image Options Drag-and-Drop: Add “Always use this answer” checkbox

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