Suggestion for a master course in parametric design

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I hope this is the right section for this kind of posts.

I am an italian guy just graduated in architecture. My thesis was all about parametric design with grasshopper and energetic analysis with plugins like Honeybee and Ladybug. I used the obtained energetic values as inputs in grasshopper as an optimization of my project for an adaptive building.

I would like now to go deep inside this method, following a master in parametric desig, so I can develop my skills in this field.

In a first research on the internet the one that I found more interesting was this one:

I read the program and also saw some thesis of the past editions of the master and the course it’s the closest to the characteristics that I’m looking for.

I want to know if someone knows this class and has some information about it?

My only concern of the above class was about the duration. It should be 3 months of lessons and some weeks to present the master thesis. Do you think is there enough time to learn and understand all the concepts of the master? And most important thing do you think it could be a good start to look for a job in this field after the program?

Do you know also other well done master classes about parametric design with grasshopper that can offer maybe an internship after the course or anyway can be useful to find a job?

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Take a look at this:


I took it and I completely recommend it

I took the master 3 years ago and I completely recommend it! You get to learn almost everything about grasshopper workflow and use a lot of different plugins.
Every unit is given by a different teacher who’s always an expert on the topic that is being taught.
If I could take this master again I would!

I would recommend to take a master that (1) is awarded by a good university and (2) that includes computer programming.

The fee seems pretty high… I think its a cost intensive master course. Although it seems like fun, the problem with that is that you are no architect and no software developer at the end. Nothing wrong, since I’m not one of those guys saying that the university or subject of master matters. But if you are ending up being an architect or software developer anyway, then the return of investment is not that high. Grasshopper is scripting, and if you don’t understand the problem to solve, then this is knowledge is pointless anyway. And the demand for pure GH Experts is very low. If you are good in Grasshopper, then you are good in learning it for yourself.

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Fully agree with Tom here. You can totally learn this stuff by yourself. I can bet there is almost nothing on that course that isn’t on the internet for free.

Sure, with the course you get the knowledge delivered to you directly in an organized way, with subjects and topics, and maybe faster.

But, obviously the best way to learn is by doing, and in that doing, you sometimes search for answers, and before finding the answer, you learn a whole new lot of stuff simply by trying to search for said answer. It is a win-win situation. Learning requires time and that is all you are investing in this manner.

Maybe you would like to exchange time for money and take this course. After all, some say time is also money.

And the last point, in the end you are an architect, architecture is not grasshopper.


Parametricism is dead, really.
Or should I say… parapatrick?
I wouldn’t bother entering a master just to learn “parametric tools”. I think is better to enter a course that allows you to learn to broaden your conceptions, think and criticize while aplying your design ideology rather than entering a course that just gloryfies an old theory and assumes an inexistent bond between digital tools and an aesthetic theory. I use grasshopper as an architect and I don’t think parametricism is the only way to apply algorithmic design. If you like digital tools applied to architecture I would suggest to check the courses at Iaac, The Bartlett, AA, SciArc or any other university with a renowned faculty. You must not forget that the connections and the people you know while you are taking a course are as important as the content itself. I wouldn’t waste my money in a so called “Master” that doesn’t give me an interesting network of people.
Best regards,
Sir. Ernest Shackleton