Sudden weird curve


Hi guys! Is there any way to fix the first few points to make a smooth curve?

Use the “Kinky Curve” component. The angle you have after the last visible point to the left is what is causing that. It should be a kink / discontinuity there. Files always help.

Hi, I tried that, but it gives me a straight line polyline. When I input the is curve kinky component, it says no kinks were found. weird (17.4 KB)

You could change the D input of your IntCrv to 1. This will give you more of a polyline curve, but solves the issue.
Alternatively, you could keep the Degree at 2, but set the KnotStyle K to Uniform Spacing. The component will turn orange, since it warns you that interopolation doesn’t allow even degrees, but outputs a much cleaner curve nonetheless.