Sudden strange behave with gumball in Rhino 7 for Windows

Below is a file that Ive had sitting for a while but when I opened it today I was experiencing some strange behavior that I havent seen before. When I use the gumball arrow to move this seat cushion, it disappears or sometimes creates a mirrored copy? Maybe I have a setting stuck that Im not aware of?
Airplane seat.3dm (1.2 MB)

Hi Richard - it seems to behave OK here so far - are you gumballing the entire thing or faces/edges etc?


Hi Pascal,
Im trying to move the whole thing. I can move it up and down without an issue but not to the side?

Hello again Pascal,
I think I figured it out. Ive been working in Sub D and unknowingly had the reflect command activated.
Sorry for the trouble.

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