Sudden odd window behavior

Lately I’ve been unable to add a layer if I have the layer window displayed on my 2nd monitor. If I drag the window back to the main display there’s no problem. Any thoughts?


maybe outdated video drivers? just a guess

I’m not having any issues here running 2 screens off a Quadro P2000.
I can have Rhino and the layer panel in any combination and no problem adding new layers.
My system does have an Intel chip too (not hybrid) and I have disabled it in Device Manager.

I’m using a Surface Book 2 and I think my number two screen is using the Intel graphics card and the main screen uses the Nvidia card. Should that matter?

Yes, possibly. Hybrid graphics are an industry mess.
Windows gets to choose which chip is uses for what bit of the display.
My guess is you don’t have an option to use only the Nvidia by disabling the Intel.
I won’t own another hybrid laptop unless I can disable the Intel chip.

Maybe you can configure the computer to use the Nvidia chip exclusively when running Rhino. That could solve a multitude of sins.

It’s a struggle to keep the Nvidia chip running at all. Every time there’s a Windows upgrade the machine can’t find the Nvidia chip. It’s a mess!

I have a Surface Pro for traveling and working from home.
I would not buy another one, but that’s a personal choice.

I have an older surface pro2…I’m with John, wouldn’t buy another one.

Mine was a 4 and it had a keyboard recall problem. When I took it in to the Microsoft store they were out of the fixed 4s and gave me the next model up. They quit using the number designation so it would have been a “5” I guess. It’s been fine for what it was designed for, but that ain’t Rhino or OpenGL based applications.