Sudden latency

One of my models suddenly started to show unexpected behaviour, mainly extreme long loading times.
Sometimes it won’t come up at all (the ShapeDiver logo stays visible), or shows only part of the geometry.
I first noticed this morning, and the problem is still there.

  • The model is rather heavy, but used to run without problems.
  • The affected model runs a python script, maybe that has to do something with it.
  • Previous versions of the same model seem to have the same problem.
  • The rest of my models still works fine for as far I can see.

Is there anything changed/updated on your end that might cause this?

We haven’t pushed any changes recently that could have caused this issue. Your model is on the edge of your computation time limit and most likely, you experienced spike in performance when a solution couldn’t be computed. It’s great to hear that the rest of your models run fine.

If the previous versions have the same problem then it’s time for optimisation. The reason for the initial lag is that your model sends heavy geometry to the browser which takes time to transfer and then render in the viewport. Read more on this topic here.

The Python script could be only a problem if it generates tons of unoptimised geometry. Resources on our blog and video tutorials will help you with making your model more efficient. Our recent webinar covered this subject in-depth.

Another solution is to upgrade your account and increase the computation time. Simply let our sales team know via the the contact form at

It certainly is, but it cannot be the issue here since it used to load fine. Thank you for all the tips though!

When it crosses the computation time limit, it shows an error. But that’s not the case now. Also all parameters are loading fast & fine.

Could a (temporary) slow internet connection explain the model not to show up, or very very late compared to before?

Yes, poor internet is probably the reason why the heavy model loads for longer than usual. The viewer has to wait for all scene assets to arrive at the beginning of a session so it temporarily shows the ShapeDiver logo. However with a good connection, this shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.