Sudden floating image in my viewport

I have this weird logo overlaying my viewport and i have no idea why it is there.It is present even when i open a new rhino file and even after i restart the computer. Kindly assist

I have a MSI laptop and the issue was caused by the bundled sound software, Nahimic. I uninstalled it and its all good now.

Hmmm - new to me… does it go away if you block Vray? What other (non-default) plug-ins are you running?


I think you are right.

Found this on their website:


I turned off all plugins and it was still there. I did a clean install of rhino and it was still there. I have no idea why though. Is this the first time this has occured?

I contacted Nahimic and they instructed that i turn off the live sound tracker. Just putting this here in case someone else has the same issue as this software is quite essential to ensure good sound quality.