SudD Tools-Palette mess up , how to restore default without loosing custom UI?

Just noticed that the SubD tools palette has changed [without me touching it, and it is now not showing the default but a modified version even as I do not recall modifying it…

How to restore the default SubD tools pallet [without loosing the rest of my customisation layout and tools] ?

This may have happened during the last release candidate update 7.5.21082.11002.

What would happen if I simply delete the messed up SubD-Tools from the modified Palettes section… will the default one simply replace it ? or will I loose from my customised UI?

thanks a lot

Hi Akash - it is actually modified? Different from the default?


Thanks @pascal, yes I realise this.
The question is: how to exchanged that modified one with the default [without messing with the rest of my UI settings and tools]

If I delete the modified palette, would the default simply come back in?

thanks a lot