Subtraction of surface lists


(Jacopo Romanin) #1

Hi, i need to split a list of surfaces into two lists. I already got one of these, so i suppose that i can subtract this from the other one, but the solution does not works. If i use th command “cull pattern” the result is the same as the list I want to subtract, if i use the command “set difference” appears the error “Invalid cast: Surface » Primitive Data Type”. Any idea?schermature (25.1 KB)


You didn’t internalize your geometry.

(Michael Pryor) #3

Use Dispatch

(Jacopo Romanin) #4

Sorryschermature (30.6 KB)

(Jacopo Romanin) #5

I’ve already tried with dispatch too, it works like the cull pattern and the result isn’t what i need.

(Michael Pryor) #6

Dispatch is not like cull pattern. Dispatch splits a list with a pattern. Cull Pattern removes items with a pattern.

set difference ” appears the error “ Invalid cast: Surface » Primitive Data Type ”.

Primitive data types are things like numbers, text, points, vectors, colors

(Jacopo Romanin) #7

Yes, sorry I said that badly, the result is the same and this is what i don’t understand, in both cases it does not work.


Take a look at the attachment…

schermature (30.0 KB)

(Jacopo Romanin) #9

Exactly what I needed, thank you so much.