Subtraction of surface lists

Hi, i need to split a list of surfaces into two lists. I already got one of these, so i suppose that i can subtract this from the other one, but the solution does not works. If i use th command “cull pattern” the result is the same as the list I want to subtract, if i use the command “set difference” appears the error “Invalid cast: Surface » Primitive Data Type”. Any idea?schermature (25.1 KB)

You didn’t internalize your geometry.

Use Dispatch

Sorryschermature (30.6 KB)

I’ve already tried with dispatch too, it works like the cull pattern and the result isn’t what i need.

Dispatch is not like cull pattern. Dispatch splits a list with a pattern. Cull Pattern removes items with a pattern.

set difference ” appears the error “ Invalid cast: Surface » Primitive Data Type ”.

Primitive data types are things like numbers, text, points, vectors, colors

Yes, sorry I said that badly, the result is the same and this is what i don’t understand, in both cases it does not work.

Take a look at the attachment…

schermature (30.0 KB)

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Exactly what I needed, thank you so much.