Subtract patterns from a surfaces

Hallo! This is probably a simple issue but i have been stucked tryin to solve it, what i am willing to do is only to subtract these patters from these surface.

I have been used a regions differnce but it didnt work and trim solid need to trim with a closed Brep), so i ended it up using the extrud tool for the pattern then to subtract it from the plans but the problem that i had its sometimes extrude it parellel to the face not prependicular to it, is there a way to unify all the vector direction? or is there a better solution to than subtraction solve this.

I attach images and the simple GH script I connected, very appricated for any suggested ideas

Test.3dm (8.6 MB)

Pattern (111.2 KB)

Pattern (764.3 KB)

Thanks alot @HS_Kim . wow, it works like charm, it took me awhile to understand what you did right there