Subsurfaces into lines?

how can i transform my subsuface structur into lines?

What do you mean by subsurface structure? You mean the subsurfaces created with the isotrim component or the surface isocurves?


do you want to have a “cell” representing your subsurface or do you want a grid of continuous lines marking your grid?

sry …yes its a grid produced with a divide domain and then isotrim (subsurf)

You can use the “Brep edges” component to convert all those subsurfaces from “isotrim” component into curves.
Is that what you want?

You could connect the output of isotrim to a curve component, which will give you the edge curves of each subsurface. (djordje beat me to it!) Then use TTTools to remove duplicate curves (make sure to flatten so it is comparing all curves to each other).

If you wanted continuous curves, you could create isocurves at the same U and V divisions as divide domain.

thx — helps a lot