"Substyle" Tables

Hi there!

We’re testing out VisualARQ for some smaller projects where we’d like to avoid doing CD in Revit. I wanted to get volume of concrete of a wall out into a schedule. Is that really not possible without grasshopper?

Hi @rheinason you don’t need GH for that.
Just create a new table style for listing walls, and add a new property field to list the volume of walls:

VisualARQ templates already come with a Table style that calculate wall volumes.

I think Rheinason wants the volume of concrete part of a wall only. I would also be interested in such solution.

Correct! It’s one of the essential ways of getting a decently accurate budget for concrete work.

Also area for specific parts of the wall, when the walls get hefty, as they do up north, the difference between the innermost and the outermost layer is not insignificant.

I understand. Well, unfortunately, right now it is not possible to list the information of VA object components (such the volume of a specific wall layer). So the current workaround is to create a document parameter for that information (“wall layer 1 volume”) and assign the value to the whole wall. Of course, with GH this process can be automated.