Substraction of surfaces

I am new to grasshopper and currently generating a script. I have attached the file can anyone give me the solution for

  1. How do I subtract the overall solid from the random projection. I wanted only the projected masses. I want to remove or subtract the excess that I have colored blue in the jpg file, the one that needs to be removed.
  2. I want the actual model to be flipped ( for example, the solid massing on the top should be at the bottom. For reference, I have attached the image for that as well.
    I need it asap for a deadline please help me. (9.7 KB)
  1. The Wrap input of the Shift List component set to True creates a line from the very top to the bottom. Set Wrap to False and you’ll only get the number of levels you specified with the slider.

  2. you can Reverse the Base input to flip the model (28.0 KB)

@martinsiegrist Thank you very much that really worked.

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