Subset of reserved licenses from a lab-license

my issue is about specific distribution of a subset of licenses out of a lab-license. I’ve seen that Brian already in Feb’15 mentioned “student-owned hardware is the fututre”. I can’t find specific answers to three (so far) items:

For our industrial Design School we use one lab license.

  • Is it possible to allocate 12 licenses to university-owned workstations, in preference via fixed ip-addresses? Independent from any checked-out licenses these workstations should always get one of these 12 reserved licenses.
  • Is it possible to offer the rest of the licenses to students using their own device in the lab? These licenses should be distributed via wlan and vpn (one student can use one license when logged in in the university net (by dhcp) and if this device is present in the lab / near the access point).
  • Is it possible to check out licenses for - lets say - 90 days? I got the impression that our Zoo only allows 30 days check-out period.

Thank you! Philipp

Hi @Philipp,

Sorry,no. The best you can do is have these workstations checkout licenses. The max duration for checkout on educational lab licenses is 30 days.


So no. Educational lab license checkout is capped at 30 days.

Hope this helps.

– Dale

@Philipp Like Dale mentioned the max number of days per checkout is 30 days. We sell educational single-user licenses if students would like to purchase their own license. The student license is fully functional. It’s perpetual and will not time out or expire. Details are here.