Subobjects - Copy>InPlace - the copied objects should be selected at the end

Right now, when one sub-object selects something like a curve segment or a polysurface face and one uses Copy>InPlace (or ExtractSrf/Copy=Yes), the subobject is still selected at the end.

Usually right after that one wants to do something with the copied object, not the original subobject. So this is painful, as you think the copy is selected but it’s not. It is actually the subobject which is still selected and that is wrong 99 times out of 100.

Hi Mitch- Yeah… that makes sense - Copy keeps the input object selected in general - I don’t know if it would hurt anything (thinking of top level objects) not to do that with InPlace, and just always select the copy, but I don’t think so off hand. I’ll get this on the heap. It feels like one of those things that might turn out to be messier than expected…