Subobject selection to duplicate an object out of a block

I want to duplicate an object that is within a block, outside of the block, saving myself the extra step of duplicating the block, exploding it and deleting everything but the object i wish to duplicate.

The functionality works with groups. Am I missing something with doing the same thing with block elements?

This is not necessarily a solution to your question, but perhaps a way to streamline that process.

You could copy the original block, and then run BlockEdit and Remove the individual part you want out of the block. This keeps you from having to explode the block and you can easily select the rest of the copied block and delete it.

Hello - yeah, Blocks are not the same at all as groups - Kent’s suggestion of BlockEdit is the way to go - enter BlockEdit (double-click on the block) select the object, copy to the clipboard, exit BlockEdit and then paste.


Hi @Pascal - I was about to say ‘nice trick’ but… this will not work with non-uniformly scaled blocks :wink:


Ah, yes, I see… well, darn. Still, kinda nice trick, still no?


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Also doesn’t work for linked blocks sadly

@benjamin - you can try this script. Should work with linked and non-uniformly scaled blocks…
If it works on your end, it could be put into a button or made into alias for easier use. Let me know if you need help with any of that.
ExtractObjectsFromBlocks.rvb (1.6 KB)




Works well, thanks!