Subobject selection in block instances

right now i have come to same issue

the footing is a block composed of two solids. i want to boolean difference the excavation to get volume of how much soil needs to be filled back.

I think subselection could work with booleans. You would just click solid object from the block to avoid exploding it…

Hi Ivan - I guess it makes sense to want to do this and it’s probably possible as well… But it might be very difficult to make it work as expected in every single case. Your case looks simple but you could attach a huge file with hidden layers and stuff as a block and … you’ll run into issues such as this one (RH-56722) where trimming with a block leads to unexpected results.

At any rate, I’ve put this feature request on the list as RH-57350.

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thanks i know nesting and stuff makes even simple things overcomplex. but i guess maybe some simple logic could be applied to this particular one that subselection with booleans could/would pick any visible nested object within a block which is not locked and is solid.
principle is that what i see i can select

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