"Submit a Request" doesn't work

The online form to submit a request doesn’t work. I got an automated email back saying that Shapediver doesn’t use Zendesk.

I know there are other locations (here) to do this, but it would be great to take down the form on the website to submit requests, as it can cause confusion for users. It’s frustrating to type out a request only to get an automated reply back that you put your request in the wrong place.

I’ll follow up with my request here, but just wanted to bring this to attention.

Thank you!

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Zendesk is a little cumbersome in the sense that hiding the “Submit a Request” button is a feature that comes with an expensive upgrade, which is why we did not get to it yet.
We are currently working on a new website and platform, which will include the documentation internally therefore getting rid of Zendesk. Hopefully that will make things less confusing.


Thanks for getting back. I use Zendesk as well, so I know it has lots of pros and cons. Can’t wait to see the new website/platform. :slight_smile: