SubDSweep2 bug?

Hi all,
since the last update, I have different results with the command SubDSweep2.
The section curves generate 2 more SubD faces for the 2 constrained SubD friendly points.
I used to get the solution on the right with less division.

Rhino 7 SR18 2022-5-4 Rhino 7, 7.18.22124.03001

SubDSweep2.3dm (161.1 KB)

Hi @patrick_n ,

I think this is due to this set of profile curves, but I don’t believe it’s a bug. If you only selected one of the shorter section/profile curves the result would be what you want for density but the shape wouldn’t be right at one end. So the difference in the profile curve shapes from end to end and the control point density of them are causing those extra edge loops here.

In this case I’d use the two shorter curves as the rails instead and then it makes the simpler SubD. I think because the longer curves have more control points and the SubD is in tolerance to them without needing to add those extra edge loops.