Subdividing Trees

Hey guys,

I am trying to subdivide a tree by a certain number:

Input tree:


Desired output tree:


I tried to work with partition list and path mapper, but could not achieve it…
Can someone help me here?

Thanks a lot,
Rudi (7.7 KB) (14.1 KB)

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tree_problem (7.1 KB)


Thanks for your answers! :pray:
I was trying sth with graph mapper, but didn’t know yet how to apply the syntax properly…

What do you use to show the text labels? :sweat_smile:

This is a UI feature of the next version of my Peacock plugin. I think the balloon breaks the aesthetics and is too big for a name tag. In my case the names move with the component without a transparent group and change slightly in color when you select the component or when it has a warning or an error.