Subdividing meshes into sizable panels

Is there a way to subdivide meshes into panels as we can do for surfaces from lunchbox? I have some meshes relaxed from kangaroo and I want to triangulate it to construct a model. Any suggestions? converting mesh into surface is not an option so I thought there might be a way to subdivide meshes into panels ?

Hi @parametriccuriosity,

Meshes, unlike nurbs surfaces, are defined by vertices and faces, which form the mesh topology. The faces are usually triangles or quads. If you want to manipulate a mesh, you start out with a low poly one, where the faces are often times regarded as panels that can be altered in whatever way.
High poly subdivisions are usually not introduced until the end of the design process, since these meshes are quite hard to manipulate.
Unfortunately, the mesh you show above already has a huge number of polygons, for which you now need a way to retro-engineer a simpler, triangulated mesh that you can turn into a physical model (but which wouldn’t even have the same topological form).


Why don’t you start with a simpler, triangulated mesh in the first place? You can relax it with Kangaroo and use it to build your model. If needed, you can keep your high poly mesh for renderings an such.

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