Subdividing into one way with weavebird

hey guys

I’ve using weavebird and I faced with a problem about wbCatmullClark component in weavebird.

I tried to subdivide a boundary into one way with a slider but it always be subdivided into both way like below

Does anyone know how to do it?
if so please teach me!!! thanks in advance (82.0 KB) (88.3 KB)

There’s also the ‘RefineStrips’ component in Kangaroo to refine a mesh in one direction only: (7.2 KB)

Wow that was so fast!!!
thanks so much but this one doesn’t work with this model…

Sorry that was mistake, this model !!! (39.4 KB)

Thank you so much!!
after I install Kangaroo, then I’ll try!!! (40.4 KB)

Thanks so much!!!

And may I ask one more question?
Is there way to sort points freely like this.