Subdividing into one way with weavebird


(YGH) #1

hey guys

I’ve using weavebird and I faced with a problem about wbCatmullClark component in weavebird.

I tried to subdivide a boundary into one way with a slider but it always be subdivided into both way like below

Does anyone know how to do it?
if so please teach me!!! thanks in advance (82.0 KB)

#2 (88.3 KB)

(Daniel Piker) #3

There’s also the ‘RefineStrips’ component in Kangaroo to refine a mesh in one direction only: (7.2 KB)

(YGH) #4

Wow that was so fast!!!
thanks so much but this one doesn’t work with this model…

Sorry that was mistake, this model !!! (39.4 KB)

(YGH) #5

Thank you so much!!
after I install Kangaroo, then I’ll try!!!

#6 (40.4 KB)

(YGH) #7

Thanks so much!!!

And may I ask one more question?
Is there way to sort points freely like this.