Subdivide Surface_Triangles-b logic (Lunchbox)

Hi all,
I would like to unedrstand a logic bhind Lunchbox component “Triangles_b”, can anyone tell me how to get a same output without using a lunchbox?

please find attach image.

Thank You!

You would start by extracting the edges of the surface and get two opposite edges. You’ll notice that the “U” parameter is set to 3 and you have 3 rows of triangles. You can get those lines in any number of ways but I’m thinking that isocurves or tween.
Once you have the edges and inner curves, group them in sets of two and divide them into 8 points. Cull every-other point (shifted by 1 on top). At this point it’s connecting lines and points, either extrude line segments to the opposing points (probably harder in the data), or run a polyline through the whole set of points, pair those up and loft.

The method I described isn’t great. But it’s good. I hope you didn’t need the edges!

The reality is controlling UV is your best bet. Stepping through the zig-zag in U and steady march in V would be better… like zo

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