Subdivide Surface like Netstructure

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i want to subdivide surfaces with specific rectangular measurements. There is always the possibility to subdivide surfaces by U and V, but if i want to realizie it with fixed rectangles like 100 by 100mm. Somehow close to a netstructure:

See my picture, too:

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I use Panelingtools for that. You can use UV direction, but specify distance of the cells.

Of course there is always ways to calculate shape relaxation and form finding if form finding is needed.

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i also tried it with panelin tools, but it is not working like i want. There are still diferences in the Netstructure:

It seems to work by surfaces which are othogonal in z. See the picture:

Here is a specific situation where it would be very helpful to make it work.
In this example i used the plugin minimal surface and did a projection of a rectangular grid on the surface. Its Geometrically not correct. It would be nice to get the line length on the end of the surface.

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A quadrilateral grid with equal edge lengths on a surface is known as a Chebyshev net.
Finding these is not a matter of simple subdivision, but generally will require an iterative technique (meaning scripting or plugins).
Here’s one way you can form-find these with Kangaroo- (13.0 KB)

It’s also worth noting that tensioned nets with fixed edge lengths do not generally form minimal surfaces.
A minimal surface (as approximated by a soap film) has the same tension in all directions.
In a tensioned quad net, as the quads deform into rhombi, the tensions vary depending on direction, so the shape will be different.

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Hi Daniel,
thanks for your feedback. I will have a look at it. Thanks.
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