Subdivide planes into smaller planes

How can I subdivide all the faces into small panels like in the sketch?
I need that the subdivison can be edited so L and H of the small panels have to be editable.

  1. I’d like to add gap between panels.

Skin.3dm (696.1 KB)

Tool to put planks on a region defined by curves in Nautilus 0.9.3 plugin.
Direction of planks could be defined by adding a line in the plane region, by default a direction of the region curve is chosen.

each plane has its reference plane.

It is then possible to “plank” each “plank” (15.1 KB)


this is cool. Is there a way to do it without the plugin?

For sure it is possible, You can project a pattern in the Surface. You can use UV also …
You can use Paneling tool …