Is there a thread or a guide to the ins and outs of this new feature?

Some problems I’m having -

  1. I end up with a very large file
  2. The command creates a separate open surface for every polygon
  3. I can join all the individual open surfaces and end up with one open poly surface but when I apply a texture - the texture sees each of the original polygons as separate shapes and applies the texture to each individual shape rather than the open poly surface as a whole.

The ellipsoid was a mesh converted to a nurbs object with the subdfrommesh command. The sphere is just a nurbs object.

Any input is appreciated

This command isn’t getting any attention to my knowledge right now since it won’t be included in the release of v6. I bet it will get worked on again after v6 ships. So at the moment I don’t have any recommendations to get around what you’re seeing. The large file would likely be connected to the number of polygons given the command in it’s current state. Texture mapping isn’t supported on subd objects yet either which is why you’re getting that texturing issue too.