"SubDCrease tool" Object display error

When using the “!_SubDCrease” tool, some vertices may bounce off. When you press the tap key, the position of the vertex is normal when there is an angle, but when you switch to a smooth subdivision, the object breaks.
Is there any solution? The object file and video of the problem are attached.
123.3dm (172.6 KB)

Could you get rid of the edge in that face so it is a quad and not two triangles?

It seems to help.

123_quads_only.3dm (210.0 KB)

It can be solved temporarily, but it occurs in various random locations depending on the object, not just the relevant part, and sometimes occurs in places where edges should not be erased, so a fundamental solution is needed.

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Developers, is there no fundamental solution? Since there is no answer, I will ask again.

Hi Martin.
Is there any way to automaticly analysis subd object for the presence of triangles/pentagons?

BTW, What’s the name Display Mode that you use?