SubD - Workflow & Feature Request

Hi All,

We are working on shifting a portion of our maya SubD/Mesh modelling workflow to Rhino 7 SubD. Currently we are producing geometry for 3D printing (image below for context) and we are trying to streamline as much of the process as possible. One key part has been transitioning a lot of the adjustments to the low poly/SubD model and stack the high res operations on top. The process has been working well for larger scale adjustments however I have listed some features below that could be extremely beneficial to the general SubD modelling workflow.

Shenzhen Biennale 3D print

WIP workflow

SubD.Vertices Set Vertex

Rhino SubD Geometry Class – is it possible to parametrically move vertices/control points?

I can add or read vertices in the SubDVertexList however I can’t seem to set/update existing control points in c# without destroying the SubD.

Insert Edge

Adding edges at variable points along the segment – Similar to Maya’s “Multi-Cut” command:

Variable Crease Intensity:

Is it possible to get control of the crease intensity? – currently I can set between Unset, Smooth, SmoothX or Creased however I am looking for a similar floating point control to creasing in Maya:

The SubD geometry type has been great to work with so far – looking forward to seeing developments in the future!


I think variable crease could be an interesting and very useful tool.

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Thanks for the feedback! You can use InsertPoint to insert an edge at variable points. InsertEdge will also insert an edge(s) but in relation to selected edges.

Variable creases is filed as RH-47061 and I added your vote to it.

I’m not sure on the C# question… @dale can you help there?


Thanks for the update Brian! Definitely looking forward to seeing any developments on variable creasing.

Regarding the C# Set vertex question - We are trying to adjust the vertices/control points parametrically from grasshopper. We have made a rigging script that works on meshes however it relies on being able to shift the location of vertices:


The closest I have gotten is by finding the ControlNetPoint and setting a new Point3d however this breaks the SubD object:

Is there any way of doing this? It would be great to have the ability in c# or Python to set vertices, edge crease and faces.

Currently the best workaround is to rig the low poly mesh and convert it to a SubD when in position however it loses the crease sets.

Thanks again for your time & help!

Have you tried walking the SubDVertexList collection and setting the desired SubDVertex.ControlNetPoint property?

If the object is in Rhino and you’ve turned on it’s grips, you can transform the grips like any other object’s grips.


– Dale