SubD Transformation > Copy and Move tool does not work

I have a problem with the Transformation> Copy and Move tool with SubD objects after the last software update (Rhino 7 SR17 2022-4-12). While normal NURBS objects can be copied and moved easly, SubD object will disapear after they are copied to another position in the same area.

Hi Mark - there was a bug, quite some time ago now it seems to me, that was this, or very similar - please try the most current build -


Hi Pascal, I try that build, but it does not work again. I find out that problem starts when there is a “Reflect SubD object” activated on the model. You should use “RemoveExistingReflectSymmetry” if you want to move or copy the SubD model normally.

Regards, Marek

Hi @mark.alaksa,

I sounds like you are trying to move a SubD object that has a fixed reflection plane. When adding a reflection to a SubD, when you select one of the XAxis or YAxis options, that SubD will always be reflected around the selected plane (xOz or yOz). The plane does not move when the SubD is moved.

That means that if you move the SubD so that it is entirely contained in the child side, there is nothing left in the parent side to mirror, and the SubD disappears.

If you want the reflection plane to move along with the SubD when it is moved, do not use the X/YAxis options and manually define the reflection plane you want (it can be the x/yOz planes too).

If that’s not the issue, please send the file that fails, and commands to reproduce this disappering SubD bug.